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The Autism Center at Hospital for Special Care in New Britain, CT is the country’s first and only Patient Centered Specialty Practice for Autism. We currently provide services to children from 150 of Connecticut’s 169 towns. You can help us expand our Autism Center to make this first-of-its-kind program an even greater resource.

Hospital for Special Care has a large puzzle piece map of Connecticut on the wall of the entrance to the Autism Center.

During the ONE Campaign in 2016, donations of $500 or more earned a town puzzle piece on the map of Connecticut until it was completely filled. To date, donations totaling $187,550 to the ONE Campaign have allowed HSC to serve more patients at our growing outpatient autism center, and continue the growth of our inpatient autism unit which opened in 2015.

Any amount you choose to contribute will earn you our sincerest gratitude as well as that of the children and families we support.

For children with Autism, you could be the missing piece.